Incoming Webhook

Incoming Webhooks are an easy way to POST metering data into your EnergyID record.

  1. Activate an Incoming Webhook for your EnergyID record
  2. Get you secret URL to post metering data to
  3. Create a JSON payload to send to EnergyID

The HTTP POST request should look like this:

Content-type: application/json
    "remoteId": "my-solar-inverter",
    "remoteName": "My Solar Panels",
    "metric": "solarPhotovoltaicProduction",
    "metricKind": "total",
    "unit": "kWh",    
    "interval": "PT15M",  
    "data": [
        ["2022-10-05T08:00+0200", 0.004],
        ["2022-10-05T08:15+0200", 0.012],
        ["2022-10-05T08:30+0200", 0.037],
        ["2022-10-05T08:45+0200", 0.060],
        ["2022-10-05T09:00+0200", 0.114],
        ["2022-10-05T09:15+0200", 0.197],
        ["2022-10-05T09:30+0200", 0.248],
        ["2022-10-05T09:45+0200", 0.300]

Read the webhook documentation